"PEER PRESSURE REVERSAL: Teaching Children and Teens to Think on Their Own!"

This is the all-time favorite workshop! Sharon Scott is considered the leading expert on helping children and teens resist all kinds of negative peer pressure--from gossiping/cliques and cheating to vandalism and drugs etc. Sharon became interested in this subject while directing the Dallas, Texas Police Department's First Offender Program. It was there where she first observed the intensity of modern peer group influence that begins when children are two ("If you don't play this game with me then you can just go home!") and intensifies in the teen years ("I thought you were my friend. We won't get caught.") As a result, she developed a proven skill called "Peer Pressure Reversal" (titled "Too Smart for Trouble" when taught to grades 1-4). "Peer Pressure Reversal" training at one school with 1,060 students resulted in a 75% decrease in fighting, 17.7% less disruptive activity, 25% reduction in misbehavior on the bus, and 37.5% fewer referrals to the office for not following directions.
Most youth use "Peer Pressure Reversal" within 24 hours of learning it! Why? Because 87% of youth face some kind of negative peer pressure daily! Most kids don't want to get in trouble--nor do they want to lose friends--so, if we can teach them HOW to say no and keep their friends (and their dignity as well), most children and teens will use it immediately.
Sharon has many different plans to match your goals, budget, and time frame in teaching this important living skill--to school personnel, to parent groups, and to youth themselves.


For School Personnel

"Encouraging the Positive--In Students, Staff, and Ourselves!"
"How to Live Positive in a Negative World"
"Using the 'Nicholas Collection' to Teach Character Education, Acceptance of Others, Managing Emotions--and More!"
"Forget Early Retirement! Motivate Your Students With Interpersonal Skills"
"Before You Go Nuts! Controlling Classroom Behavior"
"Kids Helping Kids: Develop a Peer Helping Group"
"Beyond Violence: The Human/Animal Connection"

For Parents

"Bring Out the Best! Build Your Child's Confidence"
"Instilling Good Character In a Toxic World"
"Communicating With Your Child--Is It Possible?"
Don't Leave It To Beaver! Plan Fun Family Time"
"Emotional IQ: How to Help Your Child Manage Their Emotions"
"Discipline That Works (Most of the Time!)"
"Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n Roll: The Real World and What to Help Your Child Avoid"

For Children and Teens

"How to Say No and Keep Your Friends" (grades 5-college)
"Too Smart for Trouble" (grades 1-4)
"Life's Not Always Fair" (grades 1-5)
"Nicholas' Values: How to Have Good Character" (grades 1-5)
"Be the Best YOU You Can Be!"(grades 5-12)
"The Real World--and What to Avoid" (grades 5-12)
"Communicating With Parents--Is It Possible?" (grades 5-10)
"Not Better... Not Worse... Just Different" (grades 1-5)
"Too Cool for Drugs" (grades 1-5)

For Social Service, Law Enforcement, and Volunteer Agencies

"Building Parent Power"
"Counseling the Difficult Client"
"Developing a First Offender Program"
"Human Relation Skills: Communicating Effectively in Stressful Situations"

For Management/Personnel Development

"Establishing Trust Through Effective Communication"
"Adults Have Peer Pressure Too! Stop People Pleasing"
"Communicating With Confidence"


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